The Introduction

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The Introduction

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The year is 1543 on Tera, a planet where magick runs rampant and the beings that inhabit the planet are able to manipulate it. There are not only humans on Tera, but also elves and daemons. A war has been waging between the humans and daemons for years, and schools to help students further their own magickal abilities have developed so they could assist in the war. In the town of Mynisteria, a grand academy for the magickal arts was created by the emperor of the region, Mongus LockCrest. His younger twin brother, Golius is the headmaster to the LockCrest Academy. The school has a prestigious test that they have their students undergo, and one of the emperor's sons, Sainte Cross, passed it and ranked number one in the school. The second place spot went to a scholar named Celestria Lota, or as her pupils came to know her, "The Green Siren". A sorcerer, Sevrin Agu, took the third highest rank, and his spellwork got him the name "Ice Death Sorcerer". The results were only disclosed to the students that received the highest scores, but Celestria and Servin came to know of eachother's success and became good friends. Then, life happened, and everyone split ways once graduation rolled around. The semester for LockCrest is about to begin, and an advanced class is being offered to exceptionally talented students. Fate is going to bring these three together so they can fulfill their education and their destinies


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